LEGACY SPONSORS are those sponsors who leave a lasting gift that helps create a better future for needy students in The Holy Land. This special feature is for whoever arranges to leave an inheritance or asks a family member to continue sponsoring a student in his/her name after their long life. Only the interest of the LEGACY amount left will be used to sponsor the education of needy students. Living and Leaving a LEGACY makes a difference for future lives as the sponsors LEGACY is every life he/she will be touching for a long time. Every year a Mass will be offered in the Holy Land for the repose of every sponsor’s soul on the anniversary of his/her departure to heaven. All the LEGACY amounts will be deposited with the Knights of Columbus Ontario Charity Foundation and will be invested in very safe instruments to yield the best return which will be used for a perennial education scholarship for needy students in the name of THE LEGACY SPONSOR. Contact or email Brother Hikmat if you wish to become a LEGACY SPONSOR.

Late Sir Knight George Farahat (1954-2021)

Sir Knight George Farahat, born in Minia, Egypt, lived his adult life with his wife and children in Toronto, Canada. He was a devoted family man with an unwavering faith in God and a profound commitment to his church and community. Given 2 years to live in 1987 and despite his numerous health challenges, he served his community for an additional 32 years until his death in 2021. Sir Knight George was an active member of the Knights of Columbus to which he contributed his vast knowledge by writing all their bulletin editorials. He also served on the local council. At Jesus the King Melkite Catholic Church, Sir Knight George’s service impacted all facets of parish life. He taught religious education classes to all age groups, from children to adults; he gave weekly lectures to the Youth Group on various topics of faith; he served on the Parish Council; he founded and managed the church’s community library; he sang in the choir, along with his wife and children.

Sir Knight George earned a Bachelor degree in Engineering (Electronics & Telecommunications) and a Master's degree in Information Systems. He was a researcher in interdisciplinary studies of science and religion, history of civilizations, and Catholic theology. His long career included 30+ years in the implementation of information systems in business, particularly in the design of database systems and Web-based blogs and sites. He taught conceptual data modelling, and database implementation at Sheridan College, and was instrumental in projects at the Ontario Government particularly as Senior Business Systems Consultant at the Ministry of Economic Development & Trade. He was awarded the prestigious Amethyst Award by the Premier of Ontario for his contribution to the Innovator's Alliance initiative. He was CEO and founder of the consulting company 123 Database Management & Training.

Sir Knight George believed deeply in the value of education to transform lives, as it had transformed his own. We are grateful to continue to honor his legacy of education today by sponsoring the Jerusalem Students of the Knights of Columbus in the Holy Land.